About haqistan

Hi, I'm attila, ye olde hacker, grouchy white dude having a normal one.

I support Black Lives Matter, the BDS Movement, the Palestinian People and anti-fascists in general and everywhere. I also support LGBTQ+ people and Indigenous People everywhere in their struggles for liberation.

I also spend a lot and not enough time with Roni and our dogs.

This site is 100% static content. There are no interactive features or server-side software other than the HTTP daemon that serves the static content and there is no client-side software whatsoever. You do not need JavaScript enabled.

If you feel the need to comment on something here in public, there are a lot of ways you can do that elsewhere now. If you want to comment to me about something directly see the Contact page for how to reach me.

A Bit of Perl

This site is fundamentally fueled by MultiMarkdown. The final MultiMarkdown files are generated, lightly, by a Perl script named flog.pl (driven by a BSD Makefile, which does have a tiny bit of skulduggery in it). The posts and pages are written in MultiMarkdown and the Perl script analyzes and modifies them slightly on their way into the final directory structure for the blog. It also generates all of the indexes, archives, etc. in MultiMarkdown. All styling is via plain old CSS with no external dependencies. The flog POD has more information for the morbidly curious.

MultiMarkdown's metadata facilities are more than enough to deal with anything blogient: tags, dates, titles, etc. This was one of the key additions MultiMarkdown made to markdown and I think it is an important one. You can see what use I make of MultiMarkdown by looking at any of the source files to the HTML on this site. I leave the source files in the web tree, since it causes no harm and may be of interest to someone. For instance, the source file for this page is about.md; note that this is the MultiMarkdown file that flog generated from an input file. The file inclusions and other obvious boilerplate are added by Flog on the way to the docroot. The same pattern holds everywhere, with tiny exceptions here and there. For instance, posts get summaries generated for them and tacked on as head matter, while static pages only get an "Updated on ..." timestamp added at the bottom.

Updated on 2022-04-19

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