Nicaragua's 'revolutionary' drug war - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

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Nicaragua's 'revolutionary' drug war - Opinion - Al Jazeera English.

My favorite bit is the first paragraph under the heading Legalise It:

"Legalisation doesn't make sense," Ortega remarked around the same time other leaders in the region were talking decriminalisation in Guatemala. "It's as if we were to say, 'were beaten'. It would be to legalise crime," he said, making the obvious but unassailable point that legalising something that is currently a crime would be like legalising a crime.

Indeed it would. Leave it to aging leftists to beat serious topics over the head with tautologies.

I've never read one of this author's columns before but he does seem to wield a skewer with some deftness. Ortega makes me a little sad. Perhaps a tiny bit gassy as well... but mostly sad.

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