About haqistan

Dystopian poop and echoes of the past from a burnt out old hacker. Periodically razed to the ground, as a treat. No lessons learned.

... Or, as regular paranoid lunatics on the interwebs like to say: This site is 100% static content.

Almost the same thing, really... here's a quick summary of me:

  1. 80 columns, hard tabs at 8
  2. The circle of fifths
  3. Lefty Loosey
  4. Dialectical Materialism
  5. Cake

... and I've been tremendously lacking in the cake department.

If you feel the need to comment about something here in public, there are a lot of ways you can do that elsewhere. I'd rather not violate your privacy in some mindless quest for engagement. Also, I don't really want a database of what Internet people think of me, its like I'm maintaining everyone else's burn book on me for free, and it's mostly bots anyway so that's... weird. I definitely don't want to give anything to Sillicon Valley Mercs.

If you want to comment to me about something directly see the Contact section, below.

A Bit of Perl, a Little Make, the Pipeline Whirrs, and Then There's Cake

This site is fueled by MultiMarkdown. The final MultiMarkdown files are generated by a Perl script named flog.pl; the process is driven by a BSD Makefile. The posts and pages are written in MultiMarkdown and the Perl script analyzes and modifies them slightly on their way into the final directory structure for the blog.

MultiMarkdown's metadata facilities deal with anything blogient: dates, titles, etc. The Perl script sorts out the archives, tags, word counts, etc. It also allows me to keep unlimited levels of drafts around, to bash away on when I can't do anything else. The flog POD has more information for the morbidly curious.

Contact Information

Zoom-enabled if need be, please ask via one of the following methods if you are interested.

attiloid on libre.chat
@haqistan maybe not for very much longer
attila -at- haqistan.net email always works
Signal, other platforms
upon request

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