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Black Lives Matter

117 words by attila written on 2022-02-11, last edit: 2023-07-23, tags: blm, ftp

Black Lives Matter. You cannot be anti-fascist and support the police. Solidarity with Tyre Nichols his family and everyone protesting and opposing Cop City and all other pro-Cop projects. There are many donation links at the bottom of this page for ... read more

Corporate Churn

1181 words by attila written on 2022-11-21, last edit: 2022-11-24, tags: ai, corp, dystopia, privacy, writing

The C-suite at ShinyPants.Fart just paid a $boatload of money to install a new AI and tweak its models to perfection.

The AI designed by ubusters.hope an Israeli firm is designed to maintain churn at the low-to-mid level employees for corporates of any ... read more

Too Much Karate in my Tai Chi

1493 words by attila written on 2023-01-04, last edit: 2023-02-03, tags: carpaltunnel, karate, martialarts, personal, taichi, writing

On the surface all martial arts might look like the same thing more or less: fight choreography and knowledge transmitted down the ages by various means evolved and influenced and mutated over time like everything else we do. Philosophically though I don't think they are ... read more

EMACS, be gone: I'm a vimboi now!

1105 words by attila written on 2024-01-23, last edit: 2024-03-19, tags: emacs, hacking, personal, vi, vim, vimboi

Big news I'm sure the whole world over: I've ditched EMACS and run into the waiting open arms of vim.

It happened suddenly one night after mistyping M-C-S-t x i one too many times...

You know that one right? Sure sure... LITTLE BABIES know that ... read more

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237 words in 1 post (out of 87 total) on 2024-01-23

EMACS: The Carpal-Tunnel-bashing, Super Distraction Masheen

237 words by attila written on 2024-01-23, last edit: 2024-03-20, tags: adhd, carpal, emacs, hacking, rant

Yep yep yep yep yep yep yep just write me Beardo. Bardo. Yeah be more bardy Beardo. You're a Bard right?

Will it just spring into existence if I squint really hard?

Okay I'll just leave this here while nobody's watching and ... read more

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