Victory for Free Syria - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

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Victory for Free Syria - Opinion - Al Jazeera English.

I already liked Tarak Barkawi but this piece puts him over the edge. He is the ONLY ONE who is saying the right thing. THE ONLY ONE. The UN is doing its level best to GET CIVILIANS KILLED, apparently for the greater glory of that strutting peacock Kofi Annan; he obviously doesn't give a flying shit about any real Syrians, as all of his "actions" seem to be designed to get them killed in greater numbers. This is typical UN doctrine: try to to stop the fighting regardless of whether or not it makes any sense, preserve the status quo and all the while beat your breast and cry about the evils of war.

Sadly, sometimes war is the only option. Barkawi is right. War is the only friend the Syrians have but only if they take control of its character. I hope some of them read this piece. Months ago I predicted that the backlash of Assad's obviously terminal campaign to preserve himself would be a massive genocide of Alawites and other minorities associated with him. He's obviously going to lose and take his whole "community" with him; there were already resistance fighters being quoted in the news back then saying things like: "there are no good Alawites." This is precisely what Barkawi is warning against. He sees it too. At least AlJazeera carries this stuff. I'm sure he'll catch hell for it.

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