Things I Wish I'd Seen When They Were Posted

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I frequently come across things that strike me as something I really should've read but somehow missed. Here's today's haul:

Steve Yegge's Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns

I wish I'd known about this when I was arguing for building my all-singing, all-dancing graph database (yeah, yeah, I know, sooooo done) in something other than Java (I did).

When I find stuff like this I tend to look up other things that person has written. Most of the time I am deeply impressed with what an ignoramus I am compared to pretty much every other hacker, but sometimes I'm surprised in a good way. For instance, it turns out I do every single thing on his list of 10 ways to improve your productivity in Emacs and have for decades in some cases. Cool to see people who actually understand Emacs write about it.

Sven Maschek's incredibly cool sh-oriented site

Some absolute gems here. I came across it from a pointer on an OpenBSD mailing list (figures). If you're a Unix hacker and you haven't followed and read every link on this page you're missing something. Fucking great. How did I not know about this?

John Resig's posts on ECMAScript 5 features ca. 2009

Time to up my game a little in JS. I guess most of this ECMAScript 5 stuff is broadly supported now. "use strict". Cool.

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