Economic Activity Theater #1: The Traffic Accident

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Think of this post as a writing prompt: fuck the economy

Pepe Escobar calls them the Empire Of Chaos and he's right: chaos is what the pigs in charge love more than anything.

The Traffic Accident as Profit Center

The perfect model of economic activity for them is the traffic accident: everyone wins, except for any casualties, and there are always casualties. Nonetheless, setting aside the poor suckers at the wheel or on the curb, the winners include:

Also, There Are Drugs

And why did the accident happen? Alcohol? You know what? They fucking love alcohol, too. Alcohol is a dangerous chemical that is not trivial to produce in concentrated forms and has an awful effect on humanity. The PiC love it. It's their drug of choice. The world with alcohol as a dominant means of escape is so much more chaotic and profitable for them than, say, if it were marijuana, a weed that anyone can grow, and which has an entirely different effect on one's consiousness.

Our betters adore alcohol not only because they like getting drunk, but because it is a tool in their arsenal of oppression, in many ways. Traffic accidents are one excellent, chaotic consequence, but there are many others.

Individualism's Inevitable End: The Car

Cars and a society dominated by them, for instance. For that matter the roads themselves, which are always evil when white people make them. We were taught in school that the road system was a military project that just happened to benefit us all, as in: see how great the military is?

All the elements that go into the traffic accident are highly profitable tools of oppression in their own right. The fatigue and stress of every working person behind any wheel might also be a factor: you know, the energy we bring to the accident, our unique contribution. We're in their pressure cooker, driving around in these ridiculous vehicles trying not to starve and yeah, fine, we get drunk. And drive. Predictably.

Right, so We Live In A Society. Got that. But its hard not to see how easy it is for psychopaths and sociopaths to dominate the rest of us when they have so many tools at their disposal, which naturally leads us to the conclusion that we live in a society desined to kill us, but slowly and profitably, or maybe quickly all at once if you missed that stop sign.

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