Islamic banking: Usury-free week celebrated

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Islamic banking: Usury-free week celebrated.

This is not a great URL. The writing is bad and I have no interest whatsoever in interfaith gatherings or believers of any persuasion. Nonetheless the fact that there is an organization and a conference centered around the topic of interest ("riba" in Arabic) is worth noting. I came across this page while looking into whether anyone has seriously looked into the idea I posted about earlier that interest is an inter-cultural weapon used by Anglo-Europeans against pretty much everyone else. I found it due to the text in the second to last paragraph; she mentions a blog by some presenter at this conference:

... One very interesting link on his blog takes the reader to an article by Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt. She argues that U.S. eagerness to impose sanctions on Iran may have little to do with nuclear weapons but instead with the threat that Iran may pose to the Western banking system. She calls compound interest a "Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction."

The site mentioned is here: Web of Debt. I have not read it but it looks like yet more ZH-style fodder, of which there is now a metric ton on the web; good to see, though, and whenever I have some time I would like to look into it. Her book might be interesting; it sounds like a cozy companion to The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Anyway I can finally kill that tab. I should start tagging posts about tabs that I want to kill and see if there's a pattern...

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