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Islamic banking: Usury-free week celebrated

269 words by attila written on 2012-11-06, last edit: 2012-11-06, tags: banks, capitalism, finance, islam, usury

Islamic banking: Usury-free week celebrated.

This is not a great URL. The writing is bad and I have no interest whatsoever in interfaith gatherings or believers of any persuasion. Nonetheless the fact that there is an organization and a conference ... read more

Usury is an Inter-Cultural Weapon of Mass Destruction

349 words by attila written on 2012-10-15, last edit: 2012-10-15, tags: capitalism, finance, usury

I've wanted to write something about this topic for a long time but never feel like I have it together or have any time to think properly. It also has ocurred to me that there are probably other more knowledgeable people than me who have thought about this. There is ... read more

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