OpenBSD Tor Browser Ports Status Update: June 2015, v4.5.2

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This is just a quick note to update anyone who cares on status.

A couple of days ago I tagged v4.5.2 of the OpenBSD ports which comprise the Tor Browser Bundle, at release 4.5.2 as of 16 June. These are not official OpenBSD ports at the moment. I finally got off my ass and posted on ports@ to see if there is any interest in getting them into the tree.

There are still some issues with these ports but they've been tested by a few people over the last couple of months as we've iterated from 4.0.8 to 4.5.2. The 4.5.1 version of the ports was a bit off in many respects, but there wasn't much time between 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 and we only seem to have a few testers so I didn't bother posting about it.

These are the versions of the various pieces of software involved in the TBB as of version 4.5.2:

Name Version Comments
tor-browser 4.5.2 based on ff-esr31.7.0
tor-launcher xlation updates only since
https-everywhere 5.0.5
tor happily also what is in OpenBSD-current ports

I've tagged everything so far with -sans-pt appended (e.g. tbb-4.5.2-sans-pt) to remind everyone that this is only TBB without Pluggable Transports (PT). PT might be as difficult a task by itself as what I've done so far, so that's really the next major piece of work in this effort.

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