OpenBSD Tor Browser Ports Status Update: July 2015, 4.5.3 (yes, I know, it's August)

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This is all old news but I've been remiss about posting here, so in the spirit of better late than never: the OpenBSD Tor Browser ports were updated to 4.5.3 on 30 July, just a little while before 5.0 came out. You can download them at https://github.com/torbsd/openbsd-ports/releases/tag/tbb-4.5.3-sans-pt.

These are the versions of the pieces of software in these ports as of the 4.5.3 release:

Name Version Comments
tor-browser 4.5.3 based on ff-esr 31.8.0
https-everywhere 5.0.5

We've produced packages for amd64, which you are free to try but which are not signed, official or anything other than experimental: http://mirrors.nycbug.org/pub/snapshots/packages/amd64/README

I had to take a little break to work on some proposal writing and other fun stuff; in general I've had very little time to hack on anything since late July. August is always a bit of a drag here: hotter than the surface of the sun by 8am and so humid it almost isn't worth getting dressed. In a few years we'll finally lose our final traces of civilization and people will come out here to find us naked, covered in bug bites and swearing in a brand new language that sounds a lot like dogs barking...

... so looking forward to that.

In the meantime I should probably get the ports updated to 5.0 before they drop another release on me. This update might be a little tougher than previous updates but thanks to George and Chad I now have better hardware here to so I can work on things like this locally... Thanks, guys, I promise to do something good with this stuff. Binary packages will end up available for testing in the same place I point to above; if we manage to crank out i386 packages then the path changes in the obvious way. Again note: our packages are NOT signed nor official packages from either the Tor project nor the OpenBSD project. We make them available only for testing and would like to hear from anyone using them so we know how we're doing. In general each subsequent update to these ports has gotten a little better but more testing is required. If you want to try building these ports on a non-Intel architecture I'd be very interested to hear how it goes; sadly I don't have access to anything but amd64 and i386 right now.

There is talk of some kind of hackathon in NYC to goose the Pluggable Transports effort. I'm not sure when or if I'll be able to make it personally but it looks like we might have use of a nice space in NYC that I could conference into remotely. Pretty cool. Anyone who's interested in helping us push this forward should drop me a line here... yeah, we need to get a contact form on the TDP web site... it's on the list.

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