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Things I Wish I'd Seen When They Were Posted

243 words by attila written on 2015-03-17, last edit: 2015-03-17, tags: emacs, java, js, sh

I frequently come across things that strike me as something I really should've read but somehow missed. Here's today's haul:

Steve Yegge's Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns

I wish I'd known about this when I was arguing for building my ... read more

Adventures in Ports: Tor Browser

3085 words by attila written on 2015-03-12, last edit: 2017-05-30, tags: open-source, openbsd, pets, ports, tor, tor-browser

Give Me Your Hackers Your Journos Your Activists Yearning To Be Only Lightly Surveilled

The NYC BSD User's Group NYC BUG is full of firebrands and malcontents. This is why I like them even though I haven't met any of them in person or even set foot in NYC in well over ... read more

Adventures in Ports: Parsing Expression Grammars

924 words by attila written on 2015-03-11, last edit: 2015-10-13, tags: markdown, open-source, openbsd, ports, text

Even in just doing the simple stuff I've tried so far in OpenBSD ports it is frequently an adventure that leads to good and unexpected places. I believe they call that fun or something.

My first idea was to do ... read more

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