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Economic Activity Theater #1: The Traffic Accident

470 words by attila written on 2023-01-18, last edit: 2023-01-25, tags: alcohol, cars, chaos, drugs, eat, pigs, system

Think of this post as a writing prompt: fxxk the economy

Pepe Escobar calls them the Empire Of Chaos and he's right: chaos is what the pigs in charge love more than anything.

The Traffic Accident as Profit Center ... read more

Too Much Karate in my Tai Chi

1493 words by attila written on 2023-01-04, last edit: 2023-02-03, tags: carpaltunnel, karate, martialarts, personal, taichi, writing

On the surface all martial arts might look like the same thing more or less: fight choreography and knowledge transmitted down the ages by various means evolved and influenced and mutated over time like everything else we do. Philosophically though I don't think they are ... read more

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