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828 words by attila written on 2022-02-11, last edit: 2022-02-23, tags: outage, telmex, writing

ssh has been red for 8 minutes 45 seconds. a little red square that says: ssh 8m45s in the middle of it. like some castaway or prisoner yeah better prisoner: let me be played by john casavetes please ranting but slowly ranting and raving and ... read more

Heavy Seas

147 words by attila written on 2022-02-11, last edit: 2022-02-23, tags: cfe, outage, personal, telmex

fxxk everything. that's the main thing. fxxk EVERYTHING:

nyet weather

it has been almost 6 weeks since our dsl went out. we've had nothing but tethered internet over our phones. the signal is sxxt. the internet is sxxt. it was always sxxtty but now it's extra special ... read more

House Cleaning

119 words by attila written on 2022-02-14, last edit: 2022-02-14, tags: blog, introspection

Okay so this is predictable: white dude hits his mid fifties and realizes what an axxhxle he's been. I almost don't have to write the rest of the post I'm guessing it's been done so many times. Maybe I'll just do it in abbreviated montage form: getting old... hadn't ... read more

Learning is pain: AI is bunk

888 words by attila written on 2010-05-10, last edit: 2023-01-25, tags: ai, grift, humanity

Originally published on an old abandoned blog when I still believed in WordPress. Copied here 2 23- 1-2

Pain is an integral and oft ignored component of human learning and interaction. When we fxxk up it hurts. When it hurts we learn. What we ... read more

Economic Activity Theater #1: The Traffic Accident

470 words by attila written on 2023-01-18, last edit: 2023-01-25, tags: alcohol, cars, chaos, drugs, eat, pigs, system

Think of this post as a writing prompt: fxxk the economy

Pepe Escobar calls them the Empire Of Chaos and he's right: chaos is what the pigs in charge love more than anything.

The Traffic Accident as Profit Center ... read more

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