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828 words by attila written on 2022-02-11, last edit: 2022-02-23, tags: outage, telmex, writing

ssh has been red for 8 minutes 45 seconds. a little red square that says: ssh 8m45s in the middle of it. like some castaway or prisoner yeah better prisoner: let me be played by john casavetes please ranting but slowly ranting and raving and ... read more

Heavy Seas

147 words by attila written on 2022-02-11, last edit: 2022-02-23, tags: cfe, outage, personal, telmex

fxxk everything. that's the main thing. fxxk EVERYTHING:

nyet weather

it has been almost 6 weeks since our dsl went out. we've had nothing but tethered internet over our phones. the signal is sxxt. the internet is sxxt. it was always sxxtty but now it's extra special ... read more

Network back... sorta

98 words by attila written on 2012-05-18, last edit: 2012-05-25, tags: mexico, outage, telmex

Telmex finally restored basic connectivity to us today. Yay?

We're now back to the familiar sucktastic Telmex DSL connection that we have known and loved... shouting "BE MORE FASTER" at the screen is not only good therapy it actually helps. Really. We swear. A ... read more

Network Outage

117 words by attila written on 2012-05-17, last edit: 2012-05-17, tags: outage, telmex

What the fuck. Our phone went dead including dial tone and DSL on the night of 1 May and has not come back as of 17 May. Telmex is beyond belief. We are finally online using a Huawei E173 3G USB Modem ... read more

Rats Ate My Internet Again

452 words by attila written on 2013-06-17, last edit: 2016-08-06, tags: mexico, outage, telmex

I would like to think that "rats ate my Internet" is a rarely-uttered English sentence. I don't imagine many people have had occasion to use it. It would be even more difficult to imagine someone who has had more than one occasion to use it although one would strongly ... read more

Telmex upgrade sorta kinda

143 words by attila written on 2012-05-24, last edit: 2012-05-24, tags: mexico, outage, telmex

Rafael Carrillo the manager at Telmex in Mrida that seems to have taken an interest in our case promised me that he would look into increasing our connection speed. It appears he was true to his word. Our modem now reports that our line is configured for 2mbps down / ... read more

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